Studio for a Writer



Studio for  a Writer, New Haven, Connecticut

Completed Fall 2012

The client for this small project was a non-fiction writer, who in relocating from New York City to New Haven had purchased a house with a one-car, detached garage in the back yard.  The writer needed a quiet, sunny place to work without interruption, and commissioned AHA to convert the small building to a writer’s studio.

The writer’s studio features wide, modern sliding french doors, providing lots of natural light and ventilation, and opening the building out to the landscape.  Smaller windows adjacent to the desk and on the front wall provide light and cross ventilation, and a large window directly facing the writer’s desk provides views of the back door of the house and down the driveway to the street beyond.

The exterior materials include traditional clapboard, typical of the neighborhood, painted a saturated, jewel-like purple, sealed clear pine windows and doors and Douglas fir trim, and a cedar porch and awning for a warm and natural contrast.  Inside, a variable-width walnut feature wall behind the writer’s desk is an homage to the paneled studies of the past, and simple clear Douglas fir is used to trim the windows and as a base.  A contemporary adjustable shelving unit of aluminum and wood runs the length of the adjacent wall, and filled with books, creates personality and warmth in the small space.  A projecting walnut shelf at waist-height provides a space for pages of works in progress to be arranged and reviewed.


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